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Who Is Really #1 in College Basketball?

There are several teams that could lay claim to the best team in the land. As for right now, Louisville sits atop the rankings at number 1. Louisville survived a tough road test against Connecticut by a score of 73-58. At the start of this past weekend,  Arizona, Duke and Michigan were the only remaining  unbeaten teams. All three of those teams played very challenging road games and surprisingly, they all lost! The raucous fans at these games played a major part in orchestrating these upsets.  Duke was beaten by NC State,  84-76.  On Thursday, Oregon upset Arizona by a score of 70-66. Fans were going crazy and they rushed the court after the game! To conclude a wild week of upsets, Ohio State beat Michigan 56-53. Michigan was the last undefeated team in the country but could not keep that title because of a determined bunch of Buckeyes.Aside from Louisville , Michigan, Arizona and Duke, there are teams with just one loss that are vying for the right to call themselves the #1 team in the country. Syracuse,Indiana, Gonzaga and Kansas are all in the top 10 and have only suffered one loss. As the season progresses, college basketball fans can look forward to a great race to the finish as the NCAA tournament approaches.


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