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NBA Point Guard Madness!

(1st row from left to right: Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul and Derrick Rose) (2nd row from left ro right: Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry

With such a variety of skills and athleticism, point guards in the NBA continue to marvel viewers on a daily basis. There seems to be a debate just about everyday on who the best point guard in the NBA is. There are a handful of candidates that come to mind when these heated discussions arrive. Some argue that Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul are the best point guards because they are prototypical point guards that fill up the stat-sheet. Now that Rondo is out for the season with a torn ACL, that makes room for Derrick Rose to make his claim as the top point guard in the league. Rose tore his ACL last season and is reportedly on his way to a return after the All-Star Break. Rose is in a category of his own because of his explosive ability to finish at the rim and his scoring ability. A point guard that has drawn comparison to Derrick Rose is Russell Westbrook. Westbrook has often been deemed “the most athletic player in the league” because he has a very unorthodox style of play that exudes anger and passion. There are also some very young point guards that are climbing up the “elite point guard” ladder. Kyrie Irving(playing like a superhero since he acquired a mask) and Stephen Curry are absolute scoring machines and have been teaching  opposing point guards a lesson or two this year. As the season progresses, the debate on the NBA’s best point guard will only get tougher because these guys are simply becoming better and better as the days go on!


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