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Two Cities, Two “Gardens”, One Winner

(photo by: nowwatchtvlive.com)

The New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics are just playing basketball but as of right now, there is much more on the line than winning a playoff series. New York and Boston have been rival cities since the beginning of their establishments and sports are a way for one city to prove its dominance over the other. The Knicks and Celtics are currently in an exhilarating playoff series and ironically, all games will be played in a “garden”.  New York has taken a commanding 2-0 lead in the series by winning both games in the historic venue of Madison Square Garden. The Knicks have fed off of the electricity and passion of their fans. Boston hopes to come back and tie the series at 2-2 when both teams head to TD Bank Garden. Paul Pierce and his crew of wily veterans will try to take advantage of playing at home.

Can the Celtics Contain Carmelo?

 (photo by: www.balloverall.com)

That question is probably rhetorical because Carmelo Anthony has been a huge thorn in the side of the Celtics. In game 1, Carmelo scored 36 points in a 85-78 victory. In game 2, he put up 34 points as the Knicks thrashed the Celtics, 87-71. Carmelo is averaging 35 points in the first two games and if the Celtics hope to make this series close, they have to find a way to contain Mr. Anthony. Doc Rivers has assigned Jeff Green and Paul Pierce to interchange as defenders on Carmelo but both are obviously mismatches(check the highlights…so unfair)!   The effort by the Celtics is there but do they have the energy to keep up with a faster, offense-loaded team like the Knicks? Tune in to ESPN on Friday at 8 PM ET to find out which one of these rivals will be the victors of game 3.


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