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Rockin’ Sox

The Boston Red Sox are having quite a start to the season. They own a 19-8 record, which is the best in the entire MLB. During the preseason and spring training, many analysts and MLB fans questioned if Boston had enough solid pitching and offense to carry them to a successful season. It is safe to say that the Red Sox have silenced the critics. It may be early in the season but Boston is looking really, really fantastic!

( pictured: Clay Buchholz) (photo by: bostonherald.com)

Clay Buchholz is putting together a marvelous 2013-2014 season. This 28-year-old right-hander has been as close to intangible as can be. Let’s break down his stats. He has attained a 1.01 ERA, 47 strikeouts and a WHIP OF 0.96. This 6’3″, 190 pound stud is 6-0 in 6 starts and looks like the early favorite to win the Cy Young Award this season. Buchholz goes out every night and dominates. He is the ace of the pitching staff and has everybody in Boston believing that the Red Sox are ready to get back to prominence in the American League. If Buchholz keeps pitching at such a high level, MLB fans might as well predict a win every time that he steps out on the mound. He has batters shaking in their shoes, palms sweaty, when awaiting some nasty pitch that is hand delivered by Mr. Buchholz himself.



Numbers do not lie when talking about the guys in Fenway Park. David Ortiz A.K.A. “Big Papi”,  gave Boston a big lift since returning from injury. In ten games, Ortiz has driven in 15 runs and has a batting average of .487. When Ortiz is doing well, Boston has an extra hitter to rely on. Will Middlebrooks(6 HR, 12 RBI), Mike Napoli(6 HR, 31 RBI) and Daniel Nava(5 HR, 18 RBI) have provided a large amount of run production by combining power and solid hitting. The pitching is the biggest reason that the Red Sox have gotten off to such a fast start. Starting pitchers Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester  are nothing short of phenomenal this season. Buchholz and Jon Lester have a combined record of 10-0. On the other hand, that bullpen is nasty! The Japanese duo of Koji Uehara and Junichi Tazawa has shut down opposing teams in relief situations and Andrew Bailey is solid as a closer in the late innings. When you type in “quality pitching” in your search query, don’t be surprised if the Boston Red Sox are the first link to pop up! The Red Sox have hit a groove. They have hitting, pitching and fielding. Basically… they have it all!


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