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We Want “Moore”

Matt Moore- Tampa Bay Rays

(photo by: http://www.cbssports.com)

The Tampa Bay Rays are pleased with the emergence of Matt Moore this season. This poised lefty is posing huge problems for hitters in each and every one of his outings during his incredible start. With a tremendous record of 7-0, not only is Moore undefeated but he has also worked his way to gaining more wins than any other pitcher in the American League thus far. Moore is tied with Washington Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmerman for the most wins in the entire majors.

Moore’s numbers this year have been phenomenal. In addition to a 7-0 record, Moore possesses a 2.44 ERA, 51 strikeouts and batters are hitting just .172 against him. Another great aspect that Moore brings to the forefront is the ability to go deep into ball games. Moore averages 104.1 pitches per start. He provides quality and quantity. Not much more to ask for in a starting pitcher.

One more thing to take into account when measuring the value of Moore is to consider how old he is. He is at the young age of 23! This is great news for the Rays, who need all the pitching help they can get in order to contend with the powerhouse clubs of the Yankees and Red Sox. If Tampa Bay can find a way to keep Matt Moore content as a starter for the Rays, then fans at Tropicana Field will be able to look forward to “Moore” great pitching performances this year and in the distant future. For now, Moore looks to continue his dominance out there on the field and improve on an already impressive 2013 campaign.




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