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Star in the Making

 (photo by: http://www.usatoday.com)

The Los Angeles Dodgers have called up a tremendous outfielder by the name of Yasiel Puig and he has not been anything short of impressive. When his number was called, Puig certainly delivered. Monday was Puig’s major league debut and he didn’t fail to disappoint by getting 2 hits out of 4 at-bats. Then on Tuesday, Puig showed everyone just why the Dodgers organization was raving about him. In his second major league appearance, Puig went 3-4, scored 2 runs, smacked a double, crushed 2 home runs and drove in 5 big runs. Sounds like the youngster had himself a night!

It’s obvious that Dodger fans and players are excited about Puig’s future. As evidence of his growing popularity, Puig has been the recipient of 3 curtain calls in just his first two games. Last night’s 9-7 win over the Padres was a game in which Puig received not one but two curtain calls! Seems like fans love this kid. You can’t really blame them for liking a 22-year-old that puts his power on display at such an early time.

Manager Don Mattingly is definitely delighted that the Dodgers called up Puig from the minors. The Dodgers have been struggling and even their big bats such as Matt Kemp and Adrian Gonzalez have not been producing as much as they have in past seasons. Hopefully, Puig can start a resurgence for the Dodgers clubhouse. Yes, he is only 22 but this young prospect has a great amount of potential. Look out opposing pitchers because Yasiel Puig has arrived and it looks like he could possibly be on his way to be becoming a star in the near future. Puig can just flat out play the game of baseball and he possesses talent that gives him the ability to be something special.


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