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Living Up to the Hype


(pictured: Victor Oladipo) (photos by: http://www.nba.com)

The 2013 NBA Summer League has officially started and a few  players who are expected to make large impacts in the league  did not wait long to display their talent. In just the first day of action, some players look extremely comfortable despite the transition from college to the NBA. Here are a few impressive statlines of rookies from the games on day 1 of the NBA Summer League:

1. Michael Carter Williams- Philadelphia 76ers (26 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists)

Carter-Williams was impressive today. Although the Sixers lost to the Rockets by a score of 88-80, Carter-Williams was able to score and pass the ball well because of his 6’6″, 185 pound frame at the point guard position. He had 9 turnovers and shot 8-23 from the field so he will need to work on his efficiency but had an overall good game.

2. Kelly Olynyk- Boston Celtics (25 points and 7 rebounds)

The 7’0″, 238 pound center showed his versatility today. The Celtics lost to the magic but Olynyk was a bright spot for Boston. He went 9-12 from the field and was even 2-4 from three-point range. Olynyk needs to work on his physicality but does a great job of scoring in a variety of ways on the offensive end.

3. Victor Oladipo- Orlando Magic (18 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds and 5 steals)

The guys in the front office must be licking their chops with the recent signing of Oladipo! Oladipo was a force in today’s game. He started the game off with two three-point bombs and continued to have a balanced performance throughout the entire game. At 6’5″ and 214 pounds, Oladipo uses his athleticism to score and be a defensive pest.  Oladipo might have had the best performance of the day because of his defense and playmaking. Oladipo needs to polish his shooting touch but his great motor is what will get him over the edge.







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