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Flying Above the Rest

photos by: www.fieldgulls.com and seattle.cbslocal.com

Heading into the regular season, NFL fans knew that the Seattle Seahawks were going to be good but the Seahawks look absolutely amazing! Although Seattle’s offense has struggled at times during the first two games of the season, their impenetrable defense looks very intimidating to the opposing offenses so far. When you have a  home stadium full of loud and raucous fans to back the team up as well, that just makes the franchise even more dominant. Awesome fans and a team full of superstars can definitely make this team an extremely dangerous one as the NFL season progresses.

Let’s face it. A lot of times, analysts and people interested in the NFL want to make an enormous fuss about who is the best team by creating a huge debate filled with multiple teams. However, everybody should have no problem with guessing who the best team in the NFL is right now. The Seahawks look like maniacs on defense. The scary part is that the offense has yet to get going. In Seattle’s week 1 matchup against the Carolina Panthers, the Seahawks managed to escape with a 12-7 victory over Cam Newton and his scrappy bunch. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson looked terrific in the game by putting up 320 passing yards and 1 touchdown. However, the running game was non-existent in week 1. Nevertheless, the defense of the Seahawks was able to make up for the lack of offense and Seattle came out with win.

In week 2, Seattle was matched up with another NFC juggernaut team in the form of the San Francisco 49ers. This was a highly anticipated game. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is known for his ability to shred defenses in either the running or passing game was supposed to have a big game but the Seahawks’ defense was not having that! The Seahawks held Kaepernick to only 127 passing yards and forced him to throw three interceptions. The defensive effort of secondary players such as Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas was a big reason that Seattle shut down Kaepernick. Each of these three defensive backs chipped in with an interception.  Seattle had very little luck with passing the ball but they managed to get back on track because of Marshawn Lynch. Lynch rumbled into the end zone three times(2 rushing TD, 1 receiving TD) in order to get his ball club rolling and en route to a 29-3 convincing victory over the 49ers. Seattle has a bunch of guys making plays left and right these days!

Seattle is scary good. Just imagine how good they will be when everything comes together for this exciting group of players. They are hindered by the injury to the electric Percy Harvin. Their offense has looked inconsistent. However, it’s early. The defense looks stout and about as close to perfect as a defense can get, so if the offense can get on the same page as the defense, the Seahawks could have something to look forward to. Actually, they have a lot to look forward to from the looks of their play  at such an early time in the season!  Chemistry and passion are what drives this extremely talented group. The Seahawks have special fans and special players. This season is already shaping up to be a special one for such a tremendous franchise and city.


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