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Clawing Through the Competition

  photo by: www.washingtonpost.com

Many college football fans knew the Bears of Baylor University had the ability to put up major points on the board in 2013 but these guys are off to a start that has tons of fans in disbelief! From the running game to the passing game, Baylor looks virtually unstoppable. Okay, okay, Baylor hasn’t exactly played the toughest competition in the country but at least they are not showing mercy to their opponents. This team’s mascot is quite fitting for them because they are pouncing on their opponents like an actual sleuth of bears.

The numbers that Baylor has put up are downright phenomenal.  Baylor is second in the nation in total offense with a whopping 2,254 total yards and is first in yards per game at 751.3.

Two major players that Baylor can attribute its success to are juniors Bryce Petty and Lache Seastrunk. Petty, the quarterback of this formidable passing attack, has tasted nothing but success during the first three games of the season. Petty has accumulated 1,001 passing yards and 8 touchdowns, while managing to not throw any interceptions and completing 50 out of his 67 pass attempts. Thanks to Petty and some beautiful orchestration by the play-callers on the sideline, the Bears are first in the nation in passing yards per contest(444.3). If defenses think that they can relax after dealing with Petty, then they are dead wrong because that run game of Baylor is no joke! Seastrunk has 417 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns on just 38 carries. Seastrunk is actually averaging 11.0 yards per carry. That’s basically a first down every time the Bears hand him the ball! Seastrunk is a big reason that Baylor is seventh in the entire nation with rushing yards per game(307.0).

Baylor is marching down the field with a mix of passing and rushing without a problem. They smashed Wofford by a score of 69-3 in week 1. A 70-13 convincing victory over Buffalo was the result in week 2 and last week, Baylor dismantled Louisiana Monroe, 70-7. Teams don’t just put up 70 points for three straight weeks that often. This offense is something special! If Baylor is able to keep this pace up, they could possibly dominate the Big 12 this year. Averaging 69.7 points per game and 751.3 total yards is a great way for the Bears to make a push into national prominence. At 3-0, Baylor is riding high as they approach Big 12 competition.


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