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Liverpool’s Dynamic Duo

   photo by:www.independent.co.uk

The combination of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge is causing a ton of problems for opposing defenses in the 2013-2014 season.

This duo is unleashing a massive offensive flurry. Both players have skill sets that leave crowds in awe. Liverpool’s fans are delighted to have such an awesome front line that provides nothing but excitement when Liverpool takes the pitch.

Sturridge is a pleasure to watch on the field. At the young age of 24, the England native is in his prime and has proven that he is every bit of a star for Liverpool. Sturridge’s 6 goals leads the English Premier League and he also has 2 helpers(assists) to show that he is not only a dazzling scorer but also a promising playmaker for the Liverpool squad.

The other part of the two-headed Liverpool monster is none other than 26-year-old superstar Luis Suarez. Suarez has shown his tremendous scoring ability in the past and has gotten off to a great start this season as well. Since his return from suspension, Suarez has scored 3 goals in 2 Premier League games for Liverpool in order to get back to his scoring ways. He certainly looks primed for another stunning year.

Liverpool is a team to watch out for as the season progresses. Suarez was the dominant goal scorer for Liverpool in the past but now he has Sturridge to help free him up. In fact, both players will free each other up because once the defense keys in on one of them, the other player will have ample time to locate the goal and strike with ferocity! Sturridge has emerged as a legitimate star and Suarez is maintaining his place as one of the premier forwards in the entire world. With strikers such as these two gentlemen, Liverpool fans must be ecstatic!


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