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Beaver Fever

photo by: http://www.usatoday.com

The quarterback and receiver combination of Oregon State’s junior playmakers Sean Mannion and Brandin Cooks is something that has many college football fans in awe this season.

The fact that these two astounding college football players actually play on the same team is absolutely unfair for opposing defenses. Mannion, who is the quarterback of the dangerous Beaver offense, leads the entire country in passing yards(2,511) and total offense with 406.3 yards per contest.  On the other hand, defenses must deal with the likes of Brandin Cooks at the receiver position. Cooks is first in the country in receiving yards(944) and leads all receivers in receiving yards per game at 157.3 yards.

Oregon State has a solid record of 5-1 this season. The strong play of Cooks and Mannion is definitely a major reason that the beavers have had so much success this year. When the ground attack has faltered, Oregon State has counted on the combination of Cooks and Mannion to rev up the offense.

The chemistry between the two players has been nothing short of exciting for the team and the fan base of Oregon State. Both players seem to have found a nice rhythm in their junior years and are playing just as good as any other of the celebrated players in college football. Cooks and Mannion are demanding respect! They sure have done enough to earn it by putting up some gaudy numbers so far this season. If you don’t know about these phenomenal players, you better ask somebody!


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