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The Return of KB24

photo by: www.latimes.com

The one that is called “Black Mamba” is set to return for the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday as they take on an opponent that Black Mamba has feasted on often in his career.

Kobe Bryant announced that he will make his return from a left Achilles injury that he suffered during a game nearly eight months ago.

The Lakers are taking on the Toronto Raptors on Sunday and many know that Bryant has had his way with the Raptors plenty of times in his career. The memorable 81-point performance that Bryant put on during a game against the Raptors on January 22,2006 went down in history as one of the greatest scoring exhibitions by a single player.

A more recent lesson that Bryant taught the Raptors came on March 8,2013. Bryant “settled” for 41 points, while adding 12 assists and 6 rebounds. Thanks to Bryant’s heroics, the Lakers came out on top by a score of 118-116 in that game.

Bryant is undoubtedly ecstatic to come back and Laker fanatics are definitely glad to have their star back. “Black Mamba” is about to be back in action and filling up the stat sheet pretty soon!


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