Takeoff time for Dolphins’ top wideout

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry has dazzled spectators in his first two years as an NFL pass catcher but as the 2016 season approaches, Landry is close to reaching a new level on the field–superstardom.

Since being drafted by the Dolphins in 2014, the 23-year-old wideout has not reached the status level of his former college teammate Odell Beckham Jr. However, Landry, a first-time Pro Bowler in 2016, has shown he has the necessary skills to propel him to the top tier of receivers.

beckham and landry

Jarvis Landry(right) marches out for the 2016 Pro Bowl with former LSU teammate Odell Beckham, Jr.(left). photo| NFL.com

First of all, the guy is as durable as they come. Landry played in every single game for the Dolphins in the last two years. In those two years, Landry caught 194 passes and nine touchdowns, accumulating 1,915 receiving yards in the process.

Additionally, Landry is tough, which is an attribute an NFL team cannot buy. He has only fumbled one time in 32 games. Landry did not turn the ball over once last season.

Not to mention, Landry is an multi-purpose threat who has proven he can score at different positions on the field. Just get the ball in 14’s hands and he will do the rest. Landry has 1,275 kick return yards and 560 punt return yards on his career. His first NFL punt return came on a 69-yard scamper against the Washington Redskins in Week 1 last season. Landry’s first rushing touchdown was a 22-yard run in Week 6 against the Titans. He had 113 rushing yards on 18 carries in 2015.

Landry is coming off of a stellar sophomore season, in which he had 1,157 receiving yards and was fourth in the NFL in receptions (110). He only caught four touchdowns last year but expect Landry and quarterback Ryan Tannehill to hook up for more scores in 2016.

The Dolphins finished last in the AFC East last season at 6-10. Landry is a bright spot and a look into the future for the struggling franchise. He may not be able to single-handedly turn the Dolphins’ losing ways around but he sure does have the talent to keep fans watching as well as keep the team in the papers.

His play speaks volumes but more importantly, so does his hair.

landry hair

Landry was fifth in the NFL in yards after catch (583) last season. photo| nola.com

Too much sauce.


2 comments on “Takeoff time for Dolphins’ top wideout

  1. Great Article. Looking forward to Landry producing this year.

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